At Ace Coatings, Inc. we use a Schmidt six ton dual port bulk pot on a yard trailer that feeds two 1˝” diameter sandblasting hoses. This allows us to have two operators working on similar or different parts simultaneously which increases daily production for faster delivery of your project.

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Attached to the pot is a 400CFM portable after cooler. This allows the air at 125PSI coming from the compressor to be further cooled as it enters the hoses thereby reducing the moisture content as the sand attacks the surfaces of the material. Otherwise the hot air coming from the compressor would cause rust buildup to begin during the blasting operation.

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We sandblast up to 3000 square feet per day per shift. Our latest addition in 2009, a dual operator sandblasting machine, gave the added capacity to significantly increase our output to meet your delivery needs.

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Our original sandblast machine is fully maintained & standing by to perform those extra jobs that seem to be required by our customers that doesn’t interrupt the flow of production on a day to day basis. It is just another benefit for our ACE customers.

That’s just another other reason to trust Ace Coatings, Inc. quality control. We are always looking for ways to improve the finished product for the customer.

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A load of product being strapped down for the final trip to the customer.

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Ace Coatings Inc. is establishing a true presence in the industry.

We have been heavily involved in structural steel & other related items such as stairs, railings, etc.

We are able to perform on-site sandblasting & painting however, we are much better suited to working on your job in our facilities under quality controlled conditions.

Our turnaround times are second to none & of course, we apply any type of paint you require except for powder coating as we are 'wet film' specialists.


Abrasive Sandblasting

Structural Steel

Specialty Painting

Paint Construction Equipment

Oil Field Related Items

Hand Rails & Stairs

Tanks - Round & Frac

Pipes & Pipe Fittings





Ace Coatings, Inc.


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